Reliable partner

For over 30 years, our company has been working for engineers who develop equipment, tools and fasteners for concrete construction and certify them in approval tests; We supply laboratories and test fields worldwide with customised precast concrete parts of the highest consistent material quality; With our roots in gravel processing and ready-mix concrete production, we know how to combine the construction industry with mechanical engineering; We are familiar with both the mindset of construction workers and the language of mechanical engineers; We are your reliable partner and provide you with targeted support for your research project;

Committed & flexible

You break new ground in research and product development. Long-term planning down to the last detail is often not possible. Unexpected problems must be responded to quickly. As an experienced manufacturer of precast concrete parts for research purposes, we react quickly to your needs in order to be able to deliver promptly; Commitment and flexibility are among our strengths.

Precast concrete parts for research

Reinforced concrete has established itself in infrastructure construction. Great things can be built quickly and cheaply. The established in-situ concrete construction method is robust and can withstand a lot. Exposed to the elements, formwork is assembled on site and reinforcing bars are laid by pieceworkers; The position of the reinforcement or component dimensions to the nearest millimetre are not required. Tolerances corresponding to the size of the building are sufficient. It must exclusively fulfil its load-bearing safety and suitability for use;

We are in love with detail and adept at working to the millimetre. Concrete strengths must not only exceed a minimum value, but must be met exactly. Our aim is to produce precast concrete parts that deliver reliable test results in real tests;

Concrete competence

In order to continuously improve the performance of devices, tools and fasteners, the material properties of our test bases must vary only minimally. To ensure this consistency, we constantly monitor the raw materials used and the fresh and hardened concrete properties produced in our concrete laboratory; Concrete has developed into a high-tech material. Its properties can be controlled and specifically aligned to a wide variety of stresses; Changing requirements mean that we are constantly reinventing the man-made stone. New binders, new admixtures, new additives, new artificial or recycled aggregates, fresh or used water: the composition of concrete is very diverse; We are very interested in concrete technology innovations; The development of new concrete recipes is therefore part of our expertise.

Developments on Frei Beton

Concrete is the most commonly used building material in the world. The all-rounder is used to construct infrastructure such as buildings, bridges, tunnels, walls, roads and water supplies; Concrete is very robust and hard; The cast stone can only be worked with special tools such as impact drills, chisels or saws; Extra anchors, screws and nails are also required for fixing in concrete; The following pictures show a selection of products developed on Frei Beton and certified in approval tests;

Drill & chisel hammers

Demolition hammers

Bolt setting devices

Abrasive cutters & slitters

Concrete screws, anchors & bolts

Concrete monitoring systems

Devices for dust management

Reinforcement scanner

Diamond saw blades

Wall saws

Wire saws

Core drilling equipment

Drill & Chisel

Injection mortar